Friday, September 5, 2008

Freaky Friday...Black or White

Michael Jackson (who just turned 50) was recently in Las Vegas, hanging out in a tuxedo jacket – and pajama bottoms. What a fashion plate!

You can't stop staring at that photo, can you?

He looks so much like a white woman now.
Thankfully, he's wearing glasses to cover up most of that mess.

But, let's take a moment to reflect and remember
that for most of his 50 years he didn't look like so much of a freak. He was actually born a black male and was quite good looking back in the day, pre-plastic surgery/skin lightening, etc.... {photo below only, cuz in the photo at right, he's already had some work done, but just not an extremely disturbing amount.}

And, now, fast forward through years of surgery and the face masks, the tape, the messed up nose, the skin lightening, the face lifts, etc....

I just wish that people with plastic surgery addictions would realise that others actually have to look at them.

It's just scary!


Paper Girl Productions said...

YOu're right...I can't stop staring at his picture!! **runs away**

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's just unbelievable how off-balance he is. Wow.

FaerySarah said...

black black black!

jen. said...

I get such a kick out of your blog! And want to chuck my dindin up looking at all the photos of MJ. WHY ON EARTH???? All chuckled - and barfing - aside, it's quite sad. Poor fella.

+ j.

James ~n~ Amber said...

I was such a huge Michael fan back in the day, but now he just freaks me out ! Poor guy. Serious mental issues....and what about his OWN kids ??!! I will admit, I do like to bring out my "Thriller" CD(used to have it on an album) every now and then just to sing along!

tagisa said...

It makes me sad to see him this way. You only get one chance in life and if you mess up, you can't always change it. - In my eyes, he's still an amazing artist.