Monday, September 3, 2007

in Wunderland...

My Curious Wonderland by GibberJabberDesign features my piece influenced by Alice in Wonderland entitled "Tweedle and Deedle". Also check out the knitted teacups from CrumpArt. Not functional, but sooo cute!

GibberJabberDesign has some real pretties in her shop and she's a huge Alice fan. If I had children, I'd surely order this sweet decoupaged Oilily Kimono Print Table:

Oilily Kimono Fabric Decoupaged Childrens Table and Chairs Set by Gibberjabber Design

Have a Labour Day of Love...!


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Donna said...

I like your blog...and your right, that table & chair set is great. My kid would've loved it. You should check out her blog:

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

Chickengirl said...

ohh many pretty things! And yes, if only I had kids...I would be getting the table and chair set.

gorgeousredhead said...

Hi, I'm tagging you - so sorry! :) (Read my blog for more info) I love your work!