Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Virgin Blog and a Life Lesson...

Ok, straightup...I'm NOT a blogger.
I said I'd never BE a blogger...and yet, here I am. This is my first blog, therefore, right now, I'm popping my very own Cherry & yet again learning a lesson that keeps coming back to haunt me... The simple lesson of "Never Say Never".
It's a simple lesson and one of those intelligent quips that we all know come from somewhere, but don't exactly know its origin.
All I know is that so far EVERYTHING I've said I'd never do is coming or has come to pass: Moving to LA, going on a dating site [how I met my husband actually]...Oh, I could go on & on.

Thankfully, I'm so happy with who I am at age 37 that my saying that I'll never get plastic surgery or implants has not come back to bite me. I swear I'm not going there!

Anyway, whew...My first blog is done. Actually, this feels quite therapeutic...and I can sorta see how it could get addictive.

Oh, 3 things you should know about me:
1] I say exactly what I feel. I don't sugar coat much at all...must be the New Yorker in me.
2] I am probably the NICEST person you will ever meet...but if you cross me, probably the most wicked. OK, OK, more so the nicest person...I just have sweetness in my heart beneath my tough exterior.
3]I create my art from my heart...I'm not out to please anyone but me, but if you want to commission me to do some art for you, I am more than happy to. :)

Here's to future success of my shop "Dirty Pretty Things" on Etsy. I've been meaning to put my art, fashion, cards online for so long, but never have...until now. I hope you enjoy what I do.


mikiep said...

You are AMAZING !!!!!!:)

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