Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simple Silhouettes...

What could be MORE simple [if only in appearance] than a silhouette? They make such a statement in their simplicity and mystery.

At left, my
Butterfly Silhouette on Vintage Italian Mirror.

All my silhouettes with the vintage Italian mirrors are etched out of paint on a mirrored surface...not an easy task. If sold out, please email us HERE for other options.

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Also, my
Devil Boy Silhouette and Devil Girl Silhouette.

*NOTE: Angel Boy and Angel Girl silhouettes are also available.

Each is sold as original art on a hand painted wood 'frame', with a velvet ribbon for hanging...Sweet!

Please check my shop and sold items at
Dirty Pretty Things for some other sweet little silhouettes that you can order...and you can personalize some of my silhouettes too!

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And, here are just some favourites by other Etsy artists...

Every Jot and Tittle has these cute little tags: Trendy Girl Tags.
Trendy Girl Tags

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This is just simply BEAUTIFUL...Shall We Dance Silhouette Cameo Pendant by AdoraPop.

Shall We Dance sihouette cameo PENDANT

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..and one of my faves {mabie cuz it's of a Raven} is this Raven silkscreened microfiber necktie by ToyBreaker.


Artist: Meg Stearns said...

Laurjohn's etsy shop link isnt working. Are they closed?

Danise said...

LOVE your work, Raven.It's just beautiful.