Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Bang or Not to Bang

When I saw these pix of Christina Ricci, I was dumbfounded.

In the photo on the left she looks like a Cleopatra wanna-be and, in the one on the right, she looks like Janet from "Three's Company". Yikes!

Another question: Did she have some sort of plastic surgery done? ...'cuz she's not looking like the same Christina we've always known and loved.

She's definitely much cuter without the Janet hair and bangs...DEFINITELY.

Certain celeb bloggers say that mabie she's finally trying to hide her forehead. Gasp! I never noticed that she had a high forehead...until now.

No matter what, I'll always either picture Christina as:
1] How she looked when I met her in her apartment in Montclair, NJ way back when [right before she did "Casper"]
2] As Wednesday Addams
3] As she looked in "Monster" [not her best look, obviously, but it's stuck in my head]
4] as she is in Mark Ryden's painting...love!

...and, we love Christina, don't we? :)

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