Monday, August 10, 2009

Parents: Please Don't Let Your Kids Worship THIS

Miley Cyrus, age 16 ( ! ), at the Teen Choice Awards virtually pantless and grinding it on a stripper pole!

"{Her} viewers mainly consist of the nation's most impressionable league of tweens and, probably, their little sisters. This is a golden opportunity for celebrities to teach them of the glory, comfort and fashionability of not only bottoms, but decency. And here 16-year-old Miley shows up in a skirt resembling a specialty Band-Aid, paired with towering stilettos many adults would have trouble walking in."

-- Amy Odell, The Cut

And, not only that...what's up with her provocative dancing and half-naked back up dancers?

I suppose there's not much more left Miley can do really. I mean once you've posed for photos whilst laying in your father's crotch, dated a 20 year old male model when you're still a minor, have dressed in the teeniest of mini skirt and hooker pumps and have writhed around in public on a stripper pole, what IS left?

Her parents obviously have no control over her now as she can buy and sell both of them. They actually sat in the audience of the Teen Choice Awards and cheered her on.

I suppose that whenever Disney FINALLY realises what they are really promoting to the youth of America and her career does start to wane, there's still a Playboy layout, a sex tape that mysteriously gets out and future pole wrangling at Crazy Horse.


Bee and Rose said...

It's just so sad that she has no self respect...Not a fan....

Stephanie said...

I've never liked her and this is disgusting. I would try as hard as possible to keep my kids away from her if I had any.

Janey said...

I don't let my kids near her and they have not been allowed to watch anything she does since she started dressing provocatively and dating a much older man. 5 years age difference when you are 16 IS a big deal.
Parents who allow their children to watch this sort of "innocent smut" should have their children taken away, seriously. Would YOU let her babysit YOUR children?
Then why let them watch her an be influenced by her to think that it is Okay for them to dress and act the way she does?
She's taking the same "innocent" to "trash" road that Britney Spears did.

Hamish Campbell said...

I had to laugh a year or two ago when news venues were pointing out what a good role model Miley was, compared to the continual tabloid adventures of Spears and Lohan, of course they used to say the same things about the them when they were still underage. So while I hope we are spared years of post 18 Miley adventures, I wouldn't be surprised if they occur.

neonguy528 said...

When parents do not teach their kids anythings about value, discipline, respect, etc., they will self-destruct. Ryan O'Neil kids are a good example. Brats. They probably were taught nothing, babied, and look what happens. She will definitely crash and burn. But look at her dad. He's still trying to be 20 something. Pretty pathetic and very laughable. Great blog. You are a very pretty lady. All the best.

Kate8085 said...

Totally gross. I have a hard time even watching/looking at her..

It reminds of the horrible MTV awards show when they had those underage Japanese sisters that were dressed like schoolgirls and making out...Ugh, it was horrible.

I feel so bad for the girls that are going to be women in about 10 years...I mean, why use your brain
and be proud of your intelligence,
when acting/dressing/dating like a stripper or hooker is so much more profitable? No self respect. Scary.

Sorry for the rant, it scares me for my nieces and godchild.

Serendipity Soap Works said...

For her parents, or any parents for that matter, to think that this is okay, and think...oh, how cute!...need to seriously decide whether being a "friend" or an actual parent is best for the child.

Kristin said...

I thought her outfit was a bit inappropriate for the occasion.

Danise said...

Has anyone ever noticed how weird her mouth is????

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