Monday, July 6, 2009

Are You Following Us??

Are you following us on SHOP PRETTY THINGS yet?

It's time to clean house and you are all invited to the shopping party! We're just getting started, but we'll be listing new things on a regular basis, so check back often!

Go HERE to follow us and shop...


lisa said...

I;ve been checking every day vow since I discovered it. Thanks for responding so quickly to my e-mail and letting me know that you have some great designer stuff you',ll be posting soon, I cant wait!! :-)
p,s. i get paid on Fridays, so can you post any real good stuff then? :-)

Petra said...

I've been checking in daily as you know. I have you on speed dial. Thankfully, you've let me see all the goods you are posting now so I could have first pick. You are such a doll!

I love my new h.Naoto top and my Jean Paul Gaultier jacket. Let me know when you are ready to post the next batch so I can come and check those out first too!