Friday, August 1, 2008

Freaky Friday... Be Grateful Today

We never realise how quickly things can change or how bad things really can get until it happens to take a moment now and be grateful for what you have today.

{Pause here for a moment of silence}

Seriously, did you pause and think of at least 3 things you are grateful for at this very minute?

If you answered NO, please go back to the beginning of this post and start over.
If you answered YES, you may proceed...

◦ ○ ● ○ ◦

8 Years Ago...
You might remember when this accident happened 8 years ago this past March.
This Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas overshot the runway when landing in Burbank, CA. The plane smashed through the airport fence, careened across the street, ending up with collapsed landing gear...right by a Chevron gas station.

Close call, right? ...This could have really been disastrous!

But, that's truly not the amazing part....


Sean said...

That is hilarious. Only 8 years ago?
I found your blog on an Etsy forum, and glad I did.
Have a great weekend!

OakMonster said...

Thanks for making me cry now.

I remember those days when you just fill up and drive ALL OVER just because you can.

Catherine said...

Only 8 years, huh? Seems like forever ago. I'm with oakmonster -I miss the days when I didn't have to plan all errands in one afternoon and worry about how much it was going to cost to visit family.

yadgirl said...

That does seem like more than 8 years ago.

SuzyQ said...

Gratitude and perspective are so important Whatever the situation