Monday, August 18, 2008

50...and fabulous!

Madonna turned 50 on Saturday and she's still living it up!

Celebrating with close friends and family during a small private party at the trendy London club 'Volstead', Madge was honoured by daughter Lourdes serenading her on the piano and illusionist David Blaine performing card tricks. Later, the fierce and fabulous danced the night away to a deejay's medley of Madonna's greatest hits.

"She looks better now than she ever has done," her director husband told the 90 gathered guests, according to Britain's The Sun. "I'm so proud. I love her so much." says husband and party organizer, Guy Ritchie.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think she looks great and sometimes I think she's too hardened with muscle.

Petra said...

She does look good for 50. When I grew up 50 was OLD and now I'm not afraid of getting to that number.

I do think Madonna would look even better if she DIDN'T work out so much. She's lost a bit too much collagen with being so skinny.

But, yes, Happy Birthday to Madonna!

niftyknits said...

I'm 2 years older than Madonna - wish I had her tummy (or lack thereof!!)