Saturday, May 9, 2009

Celebrity Twitter Overkill

If you haven't seen these animated shorts about Twitter, you just have to watch!
This episode stars some of the most "popular" Celebrity OVER Tweeters who really need to join "Over Tweeters Anonymous" if you ask us! :) Here are just some of the celebs who like to Tweet about themselves that are featured in the short:

Britney Spears

Perez Hilton

Demi Moore & Ashton KutcherOther celebs featured include Shaq, P. Twitty, Jimmy Fallon and The Fonz.
Oh, and if, you wanna follow me on Twitter, go here:

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"Celebrity Twitter Overkill" by Super Josh


Petra said...

Soo funny. I'm not on there, but I heard about all the celebrity Twitter hype the other day on the news. Crazy. Like I need to know that Britney just ate a Twinkie or Demi had to change Ashton's diaper again. Or whatever else they think is so fascinating about themselves to talk about.

TMCPhoto said...

Very funny video. I tweet sporadically. I did think it was pretty cool that Yoko Ono decided to follow me but other than her, the odd band I like and a good friend who happens to be a super art star I'm not to bothered to follow the paparazzi magnets.

sam said...

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Lieslou said...

LOL! I loved this so much.